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Definitely add this to the podcast list

Roman is awesome hose and has tons of interesting people on the show. He’s also just a great human being who’s making this world better.

Amazing Host! Interviews and Insights That Inspire Action! 💎

Roman Prokopchuk’s episodes are filled with guests who drop gems throughout their conversation. Each interview is relevant today when more and more people are struggling to find their way in the world. Definitely recommend Digital Savage Experience to anyone looking for motivation in their day! Will continue to listen for more unique and fascinating interviews/guests!!!

— Building A Heroic Brand

Speaking with Roman Prokopchuk was such a fun experience. We’ve tackled several topics which can be helpful to the show’s audience. Keep the great words of inspiration coming! Thank you Roman for the pleasure of being a guest in the Digital Savage Experience.

Inspiring entrepreunerial journeys

Inspiring stories of entrepreneurial journeys. Listen to how entrepreneurs are born, made and shaped by their experiences. Roman is a thoughtful, intelligent host with the skill to draw out the story behind the person.

Great show!

The host is not only knowledgable, but very passionate, as well! Keep it up! ROMAN RULES!

Great content

Love what you’re doing here!!

Love this

Amazing content real detailed looking forward to hearing more


Really interesting interviews and the host clearly knows how to engage his guests.

Great guy - outstanding show

Roman is an incredible human being, and an American immigrant success story. His humanity shines through every episode, while his soft-spoken intelligence and probing questions bring out the best in all his guests.


This podcast made me digitally savage!!!

Though provoking

Great show and host. You know it’s a great episode when you find yourself talking about it the rest of the day. Keep them coming


Roman is an incredible host!! He is so knowledgeable and he brings on phenomenal guests.

Level Up!

A great host with real advice that actually works!


Great content!

Self taught

I agree with you about being self taught. I think hustle matters more then book smarts. Great podcast I think your outlook on digital marketing is great.

I’m excited to keep listening!

I ran across this podcast today, listened to the first couple episodes (very doable because of the timeframe), and can’t wait to keep moving through them! Well done.

Very Knowledgeable

One of the most knowledgeable people on topics, I’ve ever heard. -Nate


So glad I stumbled across this amazing podcast. I'm new to having my own business and it's so helpful to have the business world and small businesses broken down and discussed in a way I can understand and start to implement in my own life. The host is super knowledgeable and inspirational!! Well done, I'm a fan! Laura McD

Very insightful!

The host is revert knowledgeable. I loved the episode on Spotify acquiring the podcast platforms. I had no idea that happened! Keep up the great work 👌🏾

Great Show

I love getting this behind the scenes look at the paths of others, truly learned a lot listening to this podcast.

Amazing like no other!

This show is an incredible conglomeration of success from all walks of life and all facets of the earth. So refined and so perfect. Everything about this podcast is done with excellence. Well done!!!

Short and sweet

I was initially drawn in by the unique and eye-catching artwork. I love the idea of a succinct podcast that delivers relevant information to its listeners in such an efficient and direct manner!

Love IT!

Super amazing podcast with the best host! Highly recommended!


I listened to the episode on anchor. Very informative. Breaks down exactly why more podcasters are trying to follow that direction. Breaks down features and time direction. Informative and engaging from beginning to end. This podcast is always a must listen!

Episode 56 Intriguing

I really liked the comparison and contrast exhibited with this episode’s premise. Was not sure what to expect but was delightfully pleased with the content and really enjoyed the host.

Great Show!

The hosts are very entertaining and informative! A must listen!

Concise and Unique

These podcasts are nice, short, and informative. Highly recommend!!

Love this!

Aside from loving the intro, I love this podcast! It's motivating and inspiring and I can't wait to make my way through all the episodes. Give it a listen!

Great information

Love this podcast, can’t wait for more! Host is AWESOME!

Amazing Podcast

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard to date. I will be recommending it to all of my friends

Right to the nitty gritty

Was listening to that intro and felt like i was playing GTA5 again lol but seriously really good stuff. Episode 97 was probably my favorite so far, the back and forth reminded like Nixon vs Frost for some reason. Subscribed!

Great podcast!

Such a great show! I love the guests on the podcast and the motivational stories behind them all! A must-listen!

Great show!

This is a great podcast! Super motivational and inspiring! So glad I stumbled across it!

Honest and Really Interesting

Informative and good content - using your personal experiences definitely pulled me into the episode. Keep up the great work! Melanie

He’s got the knowledge!

Love getting to soak up all the first hand experience of people who are crushing it. This is just what I was looking for in a motivational podcast!

Great Information

Thanks for sharing the information about Spotify purchasing Gimlet and Anchor. I didn’t know they were adapting stuff for Amazon Prime. Great Information.


Amazing podcast! I love the thought provoking conversations the host have with his guests! Definitely recommend you add this podcast to your weekly listens

Love this!

Motivating and inspirational! Thank you so much for brining is this amazing podcast!

Great conversation mixed with great info

Really interesting and informative show. Great material that can be applied to any walk of life.

A must listen👍

Very motivational and inspiring. Provides great knowledge and educates you in business in multiple professions. Provides different ways to be successful.

Love it

Love tuning in to and from my way to work, Roman keeps me coming back every day

Great transformations

Roman interviews such a wide range of entrepreneurs and business people who have had to undergo transformation through job pivots. Inspiring for someone who is taking the plunge in changing their lives.

Good listen !

Awesome show keep it up man !


Love this podcast! Very informative!!

Great podcast

Very good podcast informative and funny can’t wait for more!

Great podcast!

This podcast freaking rocks! I am a new lister and love the energy and intro! Very informative yet still interesting.

Awesome Interviews!!!

Great podcast for everyday how-to! Host is engaging and really listens. Get your digital fix and learn something new! - Torrie Slaughter CEO/Founder Our Given Purpose®️

Good Show

There is a lot of quality information from a range of guests. Great show. Keep it up!


Interesting and put together so well! Love tuning in!

A Good Listen

An engaging listen for my commute.

Well done

Love the intro and interesting topics

Excellent podcast!

Highly recommended. This is a very well done podcast take the time to listen and subscribe!!

Quality podcast!

Very interesting topics and guests with great production value.

great show

Great show. Good interview with interesting guest.


Love the message, great show good things interesting topics


Not only informational but inspiring! Keep it up, will be staying tuned in!

Great show

Love this show. Very insightful content

Great show.

Do yourself a favor and check out this podcast!

Very good podcast

Super informative, great sound and definitely worth a listen definitely worth giving a chance !!!

Timely Idea!

High production values and woth the listen. I listen all the time!

Be informed

Great show. Super informative. Especially in this day and age.

Something for Everyone

An outstanding interview podcast. From architects to mental health advocates, you’re in for a treat with this content!


I love that this show makes me want to go out and do better. And learn more!


Great information that should help develop the body.

A Great Listen

Always on the lookout for a podcast that will give you the motivation to do more and reach your goals and this show definitely does that for me. Listening to the program and the detailed and insightful interviews helps me believe I can acheive so much more. Looking forward to the next podcast.


Absolutely great very raw and real i love it! Keep it up!

Interesting show

Interesting topics and guests! Check it out.

Very helpful

As a new podcaster, this podcast is extremely helpful and motivational. I will be a returning listener!


The podcast is full of great information and entertaining at the same time. Great job!!

Amazing Listen

What an awesome podcast. It’s always amazing to hear people’s journeys from the bottom to the top.

Excellent Podcast

I enjoy the interaction between Roman and his guests. Great variety. Insightful and informative. Well done and well worth a listen.

So motivational and inspiring

This podcast features some phenomenal guests with just the most amazing stories. Seriously a must listen. There’s something for everyone for sure—regardless of what type of marketing you’re into!

Inspires you to reach higher

I'm new to this podcast, but I have enjoyed what I've heard so far. I enjoy interviews with successful people and picking their brains on how they stayed motivated to achieve what they have in their respective careers. Everyone has a different method of reaching success and it's always great to get the many perspectives of people who have been there and done that. Good job, Roman!

Great Podcast !

Love to listen this Podcast ! Very informative and has a great vibe !

Edutainment at its finest!

Roman is an excellent interviewer and invites guests who really know their stuff. Looking forward to future episodes and learning more about digital marketing!! -Dave from Dad Devotionals podcast

Listen ASAP

This is a podcast you need to listen ASAP!!! The Knowledge is Amazing... Listen and Learn and find a new sense of self and the action taken to get to where you want to be!!!

Awesome podcast!

Love the different directions of the content! Will tune in again!


Really appreciate the awesome content that is practical and inspiring!

Great topic

Great place for inspiration and a look into what it takes to make it to the next level.

Great content!

Great listen I love the content!

Fantastic podcaster!

I thoroughly enjoyed the digital savage experience! His podcast skills are off the charts. I enjoyed the entire interview with Ms. Roman.

A Must Listen

Ronan is the true definition of a great podcast host. He captures your attention and gets the best out of every guest. A very informative podcasts that leaves you every time wanting more! Highly recommend for those wanting insightful insight.

On the brink of greatness

Roman and his new guest each episode isn’t just a boring Q&A session, it’s a back and forth conversation. Roman is a couple production steps away from taking this podcast to the next level. The conversation and audio quality are already there.

Great listen

I enjoy hearing Roman ask quality questions of guests that actually seems to get a longer answer than most responses that others would give. This show is definitely on my list of things that should be heard.

Listen & Subscribe To This Already!

Very insightful and entertaining. Roman is a good listener and actually lets his guests talk without interrupting them. It's very cool hearing about how all these successful people got to where they are today and makes you realize that it's usually not pretty, but if you want it bad enough you can do it too. Subscribed and will be listening to more!

Awesome show!

A very informative show! Roman interviews some really interesting people in business. I love hearing each interviewee’s opinions on operating business and succeeding in life!


Great and interesting content. The topics are made easy to understand for the average Joe and the sound quality is on point. Added to my listening rotation, no doubt!

Just listen and learn...

Listening to what people have overcome to get where they are is more than fascinating. Many lessons here. Technically very well down, extremely polished. Excellent sound quality.

Just Started

And cannot wait for more!!!!!


Just what I need to stay focused and keep working on my own journey! keep them coming!

Great Show

I learned a lot! Thanks!

Awesome show

Awesome show, great host and overall good listen. Very informative and inspiring.


So much I didn’t know it’s great to hear different angles

From the Thoughts of a Blog Queen...

Great thoughts to take away from the show. I enjoyed the latest episode. Definitely recommend you add this one to your library!

Interesting content!

Much to learn from this podcast!

Must listen!

This podcast is an awesome resource for learning “How to”. Each episode is something different and really informative!

Great show

Great download! Must listen podcast.


This podcast is filled with interesting information and it's very enjoyable to listen to.

Great show

Great show, awesome host, and really cool vibe. I’ll definitely be listening to more episodes in the future.

So informational and engaging!

This podcast is so motivational and informational. I learned so much from this podcast in just one episode. Definitely listen if you want to learn about digital marketing and business :) this is also an easy listen, and engaging! Great job!