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Thoughtful Host with interesting guests

This is a great show for anybody looking for inspiring stories and a thoughtful host.

Great host, great conversation

I had a great time on Roman’s show. The hour flew by as we talked raw and honestly about life, loss, overcoming fear, and more. Everyone should check out his podcast!

A True Professional

It was such a pleasure to be featured on Roman Prokopchuk’s Digital Savage Experience podcast. Roman is the definition of the consummate professional when it comes to podcast hosting.

Diversity of guests

You never know what you're going to get with each show with Roman--and that's a good thing. The diversity of guests' stories gives you insight into the human condition and the different paths that we all take to become successful.

From Employee to Consultant

Great interview!! And I love the variety of interviews that Roman conducts!! Great job!!

Personable. Raw. Conversations with people every listener can related to. Roman puts the guests at ease as they discuss life... failures and successes.

Definitely add this to the podcast list

Roman is awesome hose and has tons of interesting people on the show. He’s also just a great human being who’s making this world better.

Amazing Host! Interviews and Insights That Inspire Action! 💎

Roman Prokopchuk’s episodes are filled with guests who drop gems throughout their conversation. Each interview is relevant today when more and more people are struggling to find their way in the world. Definitely recommend Digital Savage Experience to anyone looking for motivation in their day! Will continue to listen for more unique and fascinating interviews/guests!!!

— Building A Heroic Brand

Speaking with Roman Prokopchuk was such a fun experience. We’ve tackled several topics which can be helpful to the show’s audience. Keep the great words of inspiration coming! Thank you Roman for the pleasure of being a guest in the Digital Savage Experience.

Inspiring entrepreunerial journeys

Inspiring stories of entrepreneurial journeys. Listen to how entrepreneurs are born, made and shaped by their experiences. Roman is a thoughtful, intelligent host with the skill to draw out the story behind the person.

Great show!

The host is not only knowledgable, but very passionate, as well! Keep it up! ROMAN RULES!

Great content

Love what you’re doing here!!

Love this

Amazing content real detailed looking forward to hearing more


Really interesting interviews and the host clearly knows how to engage his guests.

Great guy - outstanding show

Roman is an incredible human being, and an American immigrant success story. His humanity shines through every episode, while his soft-spoken intelligence and probing questions bring out the best in all his guests.


This podcast made me digitally savage!!!

Though provoking

Great show and host. You know it’s a great episode when you find yourself talking about it the rest of the day. Keep them coming


Roman is an incredible host!! He is so knowledgeable and he brings on phenomenal guests.

Level Up!

A great host with real advice that actually works!


Great content!

Self taught

I agree with you about being self taught. I think hustle matters more then book smarts. Great podcast I think your outlook on digital marketing is great.

I’m excited to keep listening!

I ran across this podcast today, listened to the first couple episodes (very doable because of the timeframe), and can’t wait to keep moving through them! Well done.

Very Knowledgeable

One of the most knowledgeable people on topics, I’ve ever heard. -Nate


So glad I stumbled across this amazing podcast. I'm new to having my own business and it's so helpful to have the business world and small businesses broken down and discussed in a way I can understand and start to implement in my own life. The host is super knowledgeable and inspirational!! Well done, I'm a fan! Laura McD

Very insightful!

The host is revert knowledgeable. I loved the episode on Spotify acquiring the podcast platforms. I had no idea that happened! Keep up the great work 👌🏾

Great Show

I love getting this behind the scenes look at the paths of others, truly learned a lot listening to this podcast.

Amazing like no other!

This show is an incredible conglomeration of success from all walks of life and all facets of the earth. So refined and so perfect. Everything about this podcast is done with excellence. Well done!!!

Short and sweet

I was initially drawn in by the unique and eye-catching artwork. I love the idea of a succinct podcast that delivers relevant information to its listeners in such an efficient and direct manner!

Love IT!

Super amazing podcast with the best host! Highly recommended!