300 Episodes Deep Now What

300 Episodes Deep Now What

300 Episodes Deep Now What

It seems like I've been podcasting forever. Starting in December of 2017. Not knowing anything. With just my cell phone, no plan, and Anchor.fm. So what does it mean that I currently have 308 episodes published.

If you make it over that episode 10 hump it is significant.

Turns out that 26% of podcasts in Apple Podcasts have just a single episode and a total of 64% of podcasts in Apple Podcasts have fewer than 10 episodes available.

So what about getting over 300 episodes. What does that say about you or your show?

You Reached Some Level of Success

You have to reach some level of success or self-fulfillment to stick with it for almost 5 year and 300 episodes.  It may be opening doors to other things.  You may have gained sponsors along the way and monetized your show in other ways. It may have lead to new projects or business opportunities.  Whatever it is, you've gotten some value out of it.

Taking Away Something From Each Episode 

If you do something as a passion you're more likely to stay with it.  I try to take a lesson or a learning from each interview I do on my show, and try to take something away from each interview and media engagement I do on other outlets.  It makes you look at other perspectives and you may even surprise yourself with the things you may feel differently about.

Passionate About The Process

If you're a new podcaster or plan to start, you'd be surprised that you may start enjoying things like audio editing.  One part of the process is recording the actual show which most people find the most enjoyable part of the process.  But you'd be surprised how much you start enjoying editing, promoting, and everything in between.

I feel like the number itself is a draw for potential guests where they correlate it to some level of success.  Guests may also feel reassured being interviewed by a seasoned host if you're show has withstood the test of time.

Embrace The Pivots

I embraced the journey of the show.  It started as a solo show.  Changed into a interview format based show. Then changed what value I wanted to deliver with the show to the audience as well.

It's opened up doors to cohost other shows, collaborate on projects, potential client opportunities, producing shows in the B2B space, advertising in the podcast space with podcast networks, and seeing the value of the audio format as a delivery mechanism of information to impact audiences.

Whatever it is for you, embrace the the process and journey in podcasting because you never know where it could potentially take you.