Ep #127 Interview With Shawn Harper Former NFL Player, Entrepreneur, and Author - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to speak to Shawn Harper.

Shawn Harper is a former NFL player who played on the Rams, Oilers,  and NFL Europe.  He is an entrepreneur and author of  "The Winning Edge".  Shawn uses strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels to inspire and to push individuals through their obstacles and tap into their greatest potential for business and life.

Shawn Harper knows what it feels like to encounter failures, road blocks and disappointments. Growing up on the south side of Columbus, Ohio, Shawn had to overcome failure, adversity and learning disabilities. But he discovered the secrets to unlocking “The Winning Edge,” and now speaks all over the world training others to win in business and in life.

We spoke about:

  • His journey to the NFL and beyond.
  • How he overcame several learning disabilities.
  • What inspired him to write his book, "The Winning Edge".
  • What motivates him to succeed.
  • Weaknesses he turned into strengths.
  • Advice he has for the audience.
  • And much more.

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