Health Episodes


Ep #320 Living With Multiple Rare and Chronic Diseases Interview With Barby Ingle Author & Reality Personality

March 14, 2023

I got to speak with Barby Ingle. Barby Ingle is a best-selling author and reality personality living with multiple rare and chronic diseases. Barby is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and president of the Internati…


Ep #314 Overcoming Life's Challenges Interview With James Norris Founder Handi Capable Fitness

Oct. 30, 2022

I got to interview James Norris. James Norris is a public speaker, mentor, and the founder of Handi Capable Fitness a nonprofit organization that aims to help those with physical challenges lead a fit and healthy lifestyle b…


Ep #215 Journey of Natural Healing Interview With Scott Manduck Co-Owner Video Plus Print

Feb. 2, 2021

I got to interview Scott Manduck. Coming with an amazing journey of health issues in his family for the past 9 years, and what they have done to start to overcome these issues. With diet, essential oils, frequency healing an…

Guest: Scott Manduck

Ep #194 Alopecia Recovery Without Medicine Interview With Johanna Dahlman Founder of Alopecia Angel

Oct. 25, 2020

I got to interview Johanna Dahlman. Johanna is founder of Alopecia Angel . more than 15 years in corporate, she used those same skills to unlearn what she was being told and relearn the new ways of being healthy so that she …


Ep #192 Turning A Mess Into A Message Interview With Terrance Hutchinson Exercise Therapist, Nutritionist, And Author

Oct. 18, 2020

I got to interview Terrance Hutchinson. Terrance is a certified exercise therapist, nutritionist, author, podcast host, and motivational speaker. We spoke about: 2:51 Turning a mess into a message. 12:50 Constantly improving…


Ep #123 Interview With Kelly Mendenhall Author, Podcast Co-Host, Entrepreneur, and Self-Care Advocate - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience

Oct. 30, 2019

I got to interview Kelly Mendenhall. Kelly is a Spoonie, Author, Podcast co-host, Entrepreneur, and Self-Care Advocate living with chronic pain and invisible illness(es.) Her mission is to show the world that a medical diagn…