Health Episodes

February 02, 2021

Ep #215 Journey of Natural Healing Interview With Scott Manduck Co-Owner Video Plus Print

I got to interview Scott Manduck. Coming with an amazing journey of health issues in his family for the past 9 years, and what they have done to start to overcome these issues. With diet, essential oils, frequency healing and...


October 25, 2020

Ep #194 Alopecia Recovery Without Medicine Interview With Johanna Dahlman Founder of Alopecia Angel

I got to interview Johanna Dahlman. Johanna is founder of Alopecia Angel . more than 15 years in corporate, she used those same skills to unlearn what she was being told and relearn the new ways of being healthy so that she c...


October 18, 2020

Ep #192 Turning A Mess Into A Message Interview With Terrance Hutchinson Exercise Therapist, Nutritionist, And Author

I got to interview Terrance Hutchinson. Terrance is a certified exercise therapist, nutritionist, author, podcast host, and motivational speaker. We spoke about: 2:51 Turning a mess into a message. 12:50 Constantly improving....


October 30, 2019

Ep #123 Interview With Kelly Mendenhall Author, Podcast Co-Host, Entrepreneur, and Self-Care Advocate - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience

I got to interview Kelly Mendenhall. Kelly is a Spoonie, Author, Podcast co-host, Entrepreneur, and Self-Care Advocate living with chronic pain and invisible illness(es.) Her mission is to show the world that a medical diagno...