Ep #194 Alopecia Recovery Without Medicine Interview With Johanna Dahlman Founder of Alopecia Angel

I got to interview Johanna Dahlman.

Johanna is founder of Alopecia Angel. more than 15 years in corporate, she used those same skills to unlearn what she was being told and relearn the new ways of being healthy so that she could reverse her alopecia (autoimmune disease).  After more than 2 years she achieved full hair growth and now has turned that health scare into a useful tool for others. She now teaches, coaches, and has written books to guide and help others- with over 80% success rate! Finding her mission and purpose through her own struggles and challenges.

We spoke about:

  • 2:31 Taking your health back.
  • 8:31 State of healthcare proactive vs reactive.
  • 9:31 Through diet and lifestyle things can change.
  • 22:58 Be your own advocate.
  • And much more.

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