Mindset Episodes

June 21, 2021

Ep #239 Having The Right Mindset Interview With Alexandru Capalau Mindset and Behavior Coach and Creator of the Voltura Game

I got to interview Alexandru Capalau. Alexandru is a mindset and behavior coach/specialist and when he was 23 he succeeded to bring a simple idea on a paper into reality, be successfully funded on Kickstarter and featured on ...


November 04, 2020

Ep #196 Mindset and Self Awareness Interview With Byron Morrison Author, Speaker, Mindset and High Performance Consultant

I got to interview Byron Morrison. Byron Morrison is an author, speaker, mindset and high performance consultant. He helps CEO’s handle their new level of pressure and deal with the shadow side of success. We spoke about: 00:...


September 16, 2020

Ep #186 Mastering Your Mind To Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle Interview With Mark Kumar Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I got to interview Mark Kumar . He helps entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business goals faster. We talked about: :58 Getting into entrepreneurship. 15:36 Work life integration. 19:36 Saying no to the wrong clients. 2...


August 16, 2020

Ep #181 Everything That Happens Is A Lesson Or A Blessing Interview With Dean Fox Mindset Coach And International Speaker

I got to interview Dean Fox . Dean is a mindset coach, international speaker, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur. Having experienced the highs and lows of life He uses his own experiences to inspire others that they too can...


July 27, 2020

Ep #178 Figuring Out What You Truly Want Interview With Jasmin Terrany Inventor of Life Therapy™ & Author

I got to interview Jasmin Terrany. Jasmin Terrany helps high achievers be successful in their personal lives too. In virtual private practice for 15 years, she holds two master's Degrees from Columbia University and is the in...


July 03, 2020

Ep #175 How Affirmations Can Change Your Life Interview With Michele Blood Creator of MusiVation

I got to interview Michele Blood. Michele Blood is the creator of MusiVation™ products and seminars worldwide. Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 16 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala L...


April 03, 2020

Ep #158 From Big City Architect to Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, And Certified Hypnotherapist Interview With Michelle Oravitz Founder of The Wholesome Lotus

I got to interview Michelle Oravitz. Michelle Oravitz L.Ac, FABORM is an acupuncturist, ayurvedic practitioner, and certified hypnotherapist specializing in fertility health. She is the owner and founder of The Wholesome Lot...


March 11, 2020

Ep #154 Always Check With Your Head Before Going With Your Gut Interview With Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Founder Of Disaster Avoidance Experts, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Behavioral Economist, And Author

I got to interview Dr. Gleb Tsipursky . Known as the Disaster Avoidance Expert, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is on a mission to protect leaders from dangerous judgment errors known as cognitive biases by developing the most effective d...


March 01, 2020

Ep #152 Awareness of Your Fears With Tyson Sharpe Author, Mindset and Emotional Coach, and Podcast Host

I got to speak with Tyson Sharpe . He is an author, mindset and emotional coach, and podcast host . If you’re like most business owners, you may find yourself looking to succeed, at some level, to feel ‘enough’ or ‘worthy’. T...


December 11, 2019

Ep #135 Interview With Cathy Weiss Intuitive Energy Guide, Clairvoyant, and Source Energy Channel - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to interview Cathy Weiss. Cathy is a Intuitive energy guide, clairvoyant, and source energy channel. We spoke about: Her journey to now. What motivates her. Weaknesses she turned into strengths. Advice she has for the a...


May 29, 2019

Ep #83 Interview With Kim Ades President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ and JournalEngine™ Software - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

Had a great conversation with Kim Ades about leadership development, emotional empathy, emotional intelligence and much more. Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching™ and JournalEngine™ Software . Auth...


January 23, 2019

Ep #50 You vs You - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

This is Roman Prokopchuk and this is the Digital Savage Experience Podcast. Episode #50 You vs You. At the end of the day your only competition is yourself. Let tomorrow's you be a little better than today's. This episode is ...


September 19, 2018

Ep #33 Perspective is Everything - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

Perspective is everything. It will define the path you take and the way you look at things. In life and business, the perspective you have dictates success or failure. This episode is brought to you by Nova Zora Digital . Se...