Ep #152 Awareness of Your Fears With Tyson Sharpe Author, Mindset and Emotional Coach, and Podcast Host

I got to speak with Tyson Sharpe.

He is an author, mindset and emotional coach, and podcast host.

If you’re like most business owners, you may find yourself looking to succeed, at some level, to feel ‘enough’ or ‘worthy’. This is what cuts off your well of creativity and passion necessary for success. It is Tyson’s mission to help business owners flip this perspective. He believes business owners must set the base of love, joy, and abundance within, so they feel driven to use the avenue of business to spread what they already feel inside. 

In the last couple of years, Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners, one on one, helping them resolve the internal conflicts holding them back. In doing so, he helps them execute their business strategy with clarity, creativity and passion, allowing for consistent and predictable growth.

We spoke about:

  • His journey to now.  Doubling down and going all in on online coaching. How he started his online coaching business.
  • His  mindset shift that came through mediation daily and facing his darkness.
  • 3:45 Coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs realizing that they are building their businesses from a place of fear.  Fear doesn't set the platform for a sustainable business.
  • 5:24 As children we adopted beliefs in western civilization, like I need to be successful in order to feel enough, feel worthy, and feel loved.  Survival mechanism exists which says, if I'm not loved I won't survive.
  • 6:06 We unconsciously feel like I need to succeed and do well to fill void within.  That says I need to be enough and feel worthy to survive from those that mean the most.  This is the platform where all fears come from.
  • 7:01 Trying to succeed externally in order to fill internal void within themselves. Once you start seeing what it is, you can start building a more conscious  business from a place that's more of your higher self.
  • 9:31 One thing people can actually do to combat that pattern is to actually feel it.
  • 14:25 Start to feel your fears and create a safe space for them.
  • 15:40 No fear can exist in a space it can be seen and understood.  All fear will continue and grow unconsciously in a space where you don't want it to be there.
  • 19:47  It's not your job to move it on or do  anything with that emotion.  It's just your job to feel it, be there, and hold that safe space.
  • 30:30 Taking leaps is scary to your mind, but aligned in your body.
  • What motivates him.
  • Weaknesses he's turned into strengths.
  • Advice for the audience.
  • And much more.

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