Ep #178 Figuring Out What You Truly Want Interview With Jasmin Terrany Inventor of Life Therapy™ & Author

I got to interview Jasmin Terrany.

Jasmin Terrany helps high achievers be successful in their personal lives too.  

In virtual private practice for 15 years, she holds two master's Degrees from Columbia University and is the inventor of Life Therapy™, a combination of Psychotherapy & Coaching + Mindfulness & Meditation.   

Jasmin helps you feel less stress and more love in your life.   She specializes in everything that doesn't go on social media!  From your inner experience - such as negative self-talk and anxiety - to your outer experience - how to handle dating, marriage and parenthood.   

Jasmin has published two books, and has been featured on CNN, PBS, CBS, NBC, Yahoo, Parents Magazine, Bustle Magazine. She has over 100K views on her YouTube channel and hosted her own advice show on Grant Cardone TV.  

In addition to being a leader in her field, she is a public speaker, world traveler and most importantly she is dedicated to being a loving wife and mother to her husband and her precious children Liv & Zen.

We spoke about:

  • 3:01 Not ignoring your inner experience.
  • 4:47 Dating in a digital world.
  • 5:27 Figuring out what you truly want.
  • 10:13 Motivated by helping people be more present and more connected.
  • 11:13 We can't give unless we feel full.
  • 18:24 If you think you are enlightened go home.
  • And more!

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