Don't Get Stuck On Generating Your Podcast Name

Don't Get Stuck On Generating Your Podcast Name

Don't Get Stuck On Generating Your Podcast Name

So many people stop before they start in terms of podcasting because of things like picking the right podcast show name or cover art.  I hate to break it to you, a good name helps but doesn't define your podcasting success if your content sucks and at the same time your sound if horrendous the a great name isn't helping.

One thing to keep in mind is you can always rebrand and change the name of your show or if needed start a whole new one.

So what makes a good podcast name?

Think about your audience.  What resonates with the people you're looking to attract as listeners.  What will they connect with and what will catch their attention.

Pick a podcast name that describes your show as best as possible in the least amount of words.  The shorter the better in terms of being able to remember your podcast name.

Pick something unique to you and make sure to check for competition.  Find out if shows already exist with similar names or even if that name is taken.

Coming from a SEO background try to have your podcast name optimized for the most potential search volume if it ends up showing up on the first page of Google for one or combination of words in your podcast name.  Research search volume of each word you plan on having in your podcast name and combinations of as well.  Look at monthly search volume in the US or in the country you happen to be in, and globally.  Look at the the keyword difficulty with the lowest being the beast.  Look at the amount of possible results with those words or phrases the lower the amount the less to compete with.

As a brainstorming exercise you can even use podcast name generators for some inspiration's podcast name generator is free and great to use.  You can also use sites like Copywriting Course and Castos podcast name generator as well.

Regardless of what your podcast name ends up being, put some thought into to help your show stand out and be found.