Don't Sleep On Amazon as A Potential Player in the Bid For Podcast Platform Dominance

Don't Sleep On Amazon as A Potential Player in the Bid For Podcast Platform Dominance

So we all know the big dogs in the podcast space in terms of listening platforms are Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

With Spotify being the clear favorite in terms of investments made to help them be the industry leader in the past few years.

But many people don't include Amazon in the conversation.

Amazon has the infrastructure, the war chest, and the content focus to be mentioned in the conversation.

Not to mention I believe they are doing it the right way by tapping into the podcast community along the way to see what podcasters need and what would help them be successful.

Amazon created Backstage for Podcasters, Amazon Music’s Research and Development community which most platforms haven't considered.  Ask podcasters what they need and want.  Who would of thought of such an idea? Most platforms just make moves that they think podcasters need or want.  I appreciate being able to build with and grow with a potential platform.

The community gives podcasters early access to products before launch and you are able to directly influence feature roadmaps that help podcast professionals.

It is a great opportunity to help Amazon Music understand how it can better serve the needs of the podcast industry. 

Amazon is using its venture arm as well that is connected to voice innovation called the Alexa Fund, to invest in local podcast companies.  So direct podcast investment is on the radar for Amazon.  Amazon has a strategic advantage in podcasts because they can leverage Alexa voice tech to help discoverability in terms of content personalization.

With podcasts, Amazon also gets a potential revenue source with audio ad inventory. 

With Amazon in the mix, they can be another place exclusive podcasts can go to, instead of being swallowed up by Spotify.  Having options for exclusive deals is huge for podcasters. 

Amazon also has Prime opportunities to further amplify podcast content.

Amazon acquired Wondery 2 years ago which I believe was a direct play to combat Spotify in the podcast creation space.

Podcasters want to succeed.  But most stop after recording 10 episodes or less.  Getting into podcasting for the right reason may play a factor.  But many believe they are the next Joe Rogan and are looking for that 9 figure bag. Podcasting isn't easy.  Doing it right takes a lot of hard work.  So anyone that asks how they can help podcasters make more money and reach more people, is a blessing in my book. Because let's face it, anyone that is a podcaster or looking to start, at some point thinks they would like to do it full time if they could. 

Amazon has many already established distribution channels that they can plug podcasts in, which would be a mutual win for all parties involved.  

Who will come out on top of this battle for podcast dominance?  I think regardless of how many acquisitions Spotify, Amazon, or anyone else makes, at the end of the day it's whoever genuinely adds value to podcasters will win.