Harnessing the Power of Clubhouse To Grow and Enhance Your Podcast

Harnessing the Power of Clubhouse To Grow and Enhance Your Podcast

Harnessing the Power of Clubhouse To Grow and Enhance Your Podcast


In the last several months Clubhouse has become the new social media addiction for many IOS users.  With a truly social format in terms of content.  You can listen and contribute in rooms that are subject matter specific or sometimes in general.  You can simply listen in, come on stage and contribute to the conversation, host rooms, or add value as a room moderator.


Podcasters have seen potential in the platform for growing their shows with a natural audio to audio supplement.

In the time I have been on Clubhouse, I’ve tested and come across several creative ways podcasters are implementing strategies to reach both existing listeners and reach new listeners.


Recording in Conjunction with Clubhouse


You have several options in terms of format to record on Clubhouse.  We will get into the setup involved for you to do so in other posts.


Streaming Your Podcast Episode Recording Live in A Clubhouse Room


Stream your show recording regardless of format into a Clubhouse room you create.  Add recording in the room name, and anyone you bring on stage you stage get verbal consent.  Although Clubhouse does not currently provide a native recording feature, they did disclose you can record with consent.

This is also a great way to introduce users on Clubhouse to evergreen episodes. Basically, bringing older episodes back to life.  Try it with you most popular episodes or episodes you would like to increase visibility for as well.  Stream older episodes to let audiences get a feel of your show.


Recording with A Guest or A Panel on Clubhouse


Conduct the actual interview you will be doing with you guests on stage directly in Clubhouse with an audience listen.  Add a QA component after the episode recording or during if it makes sense for your show format.

You may get guests you may not have been able to get on your podcast but could possibly reached on Clubhouse.  Getting them quickly in a room either planned or on the spot could help land a dream guest or collaboration you have always wanted to do.  With this you will capture the content and attract a podcast audience as well as your general podcast audience when you end up launching the episode.


Have A Pre or Post Show with Hosts and Guests


Recorded outside of clubhouse?  Jump on if your guest has Clubhouse and have a after show chat.  Several rooms have done it on Clubhouse and had great turnouts.  Some rooms have had people pop in like Grant Cardone where the audience swelled, and the host ended up getting him on his show.


Listener QA


Clubhouse seems to not only have a large number of podcasters, but also a huge number of native podcast listeners.  I have found opportunities for people that listen to my show to really give me valuable feedback about their listening experience.


Virtual Real Time Events


Building a following on Clubhouse? Have a large amount of followers you want to convert to listeners?  You can create specific events such as summits, schedule ahead of time, and grow your listenership.


Find Guest For Your Show Or Be A Guest


Clubhouse eliminates several degrees of separation.  It’s a great place to find high quality people with many experiences that would be awesome fits for your audiences.  Specific rooms exist to ask to be a guest and fins a guest like other platforms, but with other platforms you can’t here the person’s real time pitch.  Even if you are not in a specific room for that reason, you can really listen in, learn about people, what they have to offer, and can treat it as a form of a pre interview


Guests are great for any show but you as the host are the constant.  You are the brand. You carry the show over time.  Clubhouse has massive potential.  By adding value and sharing your story you can add value to every conversation both on and of Clubhouse.