How Actual NFT Projects Are Being Turned Into Podcasts

How Actual NFT Projects Are Being Turned Into Podcasts

How Actual NFT Projects Are Being Turned Into Podcasts

NFTs have grown in popularity in the last year. And so has the amount of podcasts that are about the space, NFTs coming out related to podcasts themselves that create community, and now even actual NFTs being brought to life and are being turned into podcasts.

iHeartMedia announced in the Spring that it landed a portfolio of NFTs that it planned to develop into podcasts. So iHeart is doing this by having the NFTs host the shows per say for what they're call their Non-Fun Squad that'll be voiced by celebrities and comedians.

The podcasts will be created around several NFTs collections that CryptoPunk #2821, Mutant Ape #10144, World of Women #7147 and #7730, as well as from emerging NFT projects, including CrypToadz #5947, Loot (for Adventurers) Bag #2020, and Quirkies #307 and #1988.

It's a great concept to create shows/personas/personalities around individual NFTs and bring them to life which makes then more immersive and interactive and ultimately more valuable than others in those specific collections.

iHeart is launching this in several phases. And this overall effort is a play to bring Web3 to mass audiences.

The show they are launching with is Prop Culture hosted by iHeartMedia’s very own Non-Fun Squad NFTs. iHeart announced the news at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity during a metaverse and innovation panel. The first episode is out now.

With their vast reach of the market and the claim that they touch 90% of US listeners at least once a month this course of action may speed up NFT and Web3 awareness and adoption. Conceptually this is the first of it's kind adoption of really bringing NFTs to life and is also a great way to add additional value to those NFTs they own in those collections.