Podcast Guest Booking Options Find The Right Guest For Your Podcast

Podcast Guest Booking Options Find The Right Guest For Your Podcast

Podcast Guest Booking Options Find The Right Guest For Your Podcast

You have an interview based podcast now what?  If you're taking your show seriously you know how hard it is to book a continuous stream of high quality guests for your podcast.  There are plenty of ways to find guests for your podcast.  But are they the right fit for your podcast and your audience?

Facebook Groups

An easy and free way to find a guest for your podcast is podcast Facebook Groups.  Several groups exist where you use the hashtag #findaguest and post your exact ask for your ideal podcast guests.  The podcast Facebook Groups I've found to add value in the past are Podcast Guest Connection, Podcast Guest Collaboration Community - Find a Guest, Be a Guest, PodMatch - Podcast Guest Interviews, Podcast Guest Experts, and Need A Guest.


LinkedIn is a great way to see a person's professional experience.  Which can be used as a prequalification process for a potential guest.  You can also reach out to people directly for an ask. LinkedIn is a great way to find guests in specific industries and in the B2B space as a whole.  You can also look through related groups for specific professions and podcast specific LinkedIn Groups to find guests as well.


You can find relevant guests and other podcasters to be on your show. If you're a podcaster you can go directly on their directory and for free message potential guests. PodcastGuests.com also offers a podcast the opportunity to be mentioned in their weekly newsletters where guests submit their information and the information gets provided to the podcaster for free.


PodMatch takes a more scientific approach to matching podcasts and guests.  Similar to dating apps, guests are matched with shows on match strength percentage in terms what a show is looking for from a guest and what a potential guest has to offer.

Podcast Bookers

Podcast Bookers is another podcast booking service you can find a guest on.  They pride themselves in delivering SEO value and more lead generation for potential guests appearing on podcasts. This is the value add for a potential guest.  Like other platforms, they need shows to match guests with in order for the service to add value.

Interview Valet

Interview Valet's process is find what a person's potential business need is and find podcasts that match that.  They partner with shows and pitch their guest's value to the show. Which includes reaching out to the show on the potential guest's behalf, sending over a professional one pager, and manage the whole process between the guest and the host.


Kitcaster is a podcast booking agency.  Kitcaster mainly works with funded start-up founders, entrepreneurs with potential exits, and C-suite executives.  Kitcaster takes a PR approach to help their clients build more buzz.


MatchMaker.fm is a community that connects podcast hosts and podcast guests.  You can search and find guests within your niche and message potential guests with their messaging service.  You can view people's possible video pitches as well.  You can also be matched with potential podcast collaborators based on parameters like language, location and interests. With podcast collaborations you can agree to things like ad swaps, interview swaps, and other content collaboration which adds value to both podcasts.  They have a ways to sync your recording schedule as well as have the ability to post to their community board.


Podbooker is another service where guests can find podcasts and podcasts can find guests. You sign up for the service with 3000 other users and find shows to be on.


Podder is a podcast growth community where you can do promo swaps with other shows, find shows that would like to swap interviews, and build other podcast collaborations.

Expert Bookers

Expert Bookers is another podcast booking agency. Expert Bookers handles the whole process for you once you're a client from matching you to podcasts, to outreach, to booking.  You're given a personal account manager to do this process for you.

Up My Influence

Up My Influence provides a service to increase PR and visibility to disrupt and democratize the PR industry in which you they get you media attention which includes being a guest on podcasts.


Guestio is a market place platform where you can find and book your next big guest easily.

Radio Guest List

Radio Guest List is a free service.  You sign up to be included in their email to find guests or be a guest on show.

No matter which service or method you use, there are plenty out there to keep your recording schedule full with quality podcast guests for your show.