Podcast Movement Slammed Over Apology for Ben Shapiro 'Presence'

Podcast Movement Slammed Over Apology for Ben Shapiro 'Presence'

Podcast Movement Slammed Over Apology for Ben Shapiro 'Presence'

I'm sort of glad I was unable to go to this year's podcast movement in Dallas, Texas with all this Twitter backlash Podcast Movement in Dallas seems to be getting over Ben Shapiro.

Some podcasters objected to Shapiro, host of the Ben Shapiro Show podcast, showing up Wednesday at a booth for The Daily Wire. Which is absurd because it's supposed to be an inclusive space for podcasters, but this isn't very inclusive Ben Shapiro showed up at a Daily Wire booth on Wednesday, which generated an uproar from attendees who objected to his views. From there, the conversation moved on to Twitter.

Daily Wire has a both at the conference. So the possibility of the owner of the company stopping by is probable. So Daily Wire's money is good enough to take in terms of paying for a booth as well as other sponsorships at the conference, but too offensive to have Ben Shapiro stop by at the booth itself and meet some fans and take a few pictures? Yea makes sense. We'll take your money, but don't show up because your sheer presence is offensive to some.

So this is what America has come to? That people are triggered and offended by the sheer presence of someone and can't take viewpoints and point's of view that contradict theirs? Yes makes a lot of sense. You can share a space with anyone or anything that disagrees.

Now this situation would be different if Ben Shapiro didn't have a ticket, didn't have a booth at the venue, and maybe just showed up causing some kind of scene. But that's not what happened.

Podcast Movement tried to back peddle and the more they did the worst they looked. Their was a claim he was asked to leave because he didn't have a ticket. Now I know for a fact that if you sponsor a booth at a conference and do other sponsorships, you are given a certain number of tickets to the event. If for some reason he didn't have one, just simply ask for him to purchase one, which I know for a fact you can still purchase tickets when the event is going on. I've also been to two Podcast Movements in Nashville and Orlando and I know for a fact many people that were at the event didn't even have tickets to the event, especially when it looks like the Daily Wire booth was in a common area and not in a expo area. Simply put this was done to appease a handful of people that Ben Shapiro did not interact with and created a woke witch hunt.

If businesses and events take money from a business or company and then make them leave, that already should void the contract Daily Wire invested into this event.

Ben Shapiro is the founder and the face of Daily Wire which out performs most media networks, and is one of the biggest content production and podcast networks.  And a podcaster himself. What a thought a podcaster being at a podcast conference. So having the company have a presence at an event focused on podcasting, content and audio is a no brainer.

You're not going to agree with everyone, but you can still have a conversation if you'd like and be respectful. Taking pictures from afar and tweeting that you're offended and triggered by someone's presence is a defeating mindset. If you walk around being offended by everything and everyone you don't agree with when do you have time to live life? Where are people's coping mechanisms in 2022?

Russia claims Ukrainians are sub humans, use racial slurs, and condone the extermination of the Ukrainian people. I don't agree with any of that but if someone had a platform that shared this view and I was in an event with them maybe having a conversation with them would be a benefit. If you feel that unsafe wouldn't you remove yourself from that space or area and not compose several tweets?

The feelings over facts argument has to stop. Feeling unsafe by someone's viewpoint and actually being threatened with physical harm are two different things. The US is a "safe space buddle". Go to Ukraine see what the people are saying. Go to Syria. Go to Yemen. and then let me know how unsafe you feel.

triggered over Ben Shapiro at Podcast Movement Dallas Texas 2022

The person felt safe enough to stand from a far, snap multiple pictures, and compose tweets about not feeling safe. So for Podcast Movement 2023 lets all make sure everyone's viewpoints and thought process is one hundred percent the same and keep everyone else out to create an "inclusive welcoming safe space". Just a thought.