The Anatomy of a Great Podcast Interview

The Anatomy of a Great Podcast Interview

Podcasts have grown popularity in the last few years.  So have the amount of people looking to be guests on interview based shows.  Dedicated agencies have sprouted out solely looking to book their guests on podcasts.  But just because you are a guest on a podcast, does that guarantee the formula to a great interview?  No it does not.  Many things can go wrong and not click during a podcast interview.  Some of which you can control and some of which you can't.

I'm sure you've heard a bad podcast interview and a great one as well. So what goes into the anatomy of a great podcast interview?

Their are several things you can do to make the interview the best it can be.

Listen to previous episodes of the show.  Become familiar with the host and his or her style of interviewing.  This will help the interview flow better.

Make sure you have your phone off, pets away if you have any, if possible a microphone, have headphones, and be shore to record in a quiet place.

If you have a one pager or a media kit be sure to send it to the host prior to the show.  This will help guide the conversation and add background information on you as the guest.

Think of the interview you're about to have as a natural conversation.  This will help calm any nerves you may have.

Show up on time, or even early.  If you need to change the time or day of the interview, give advanced warming. No call no shows are just as bad on a podcast as they are in a job setting.

Be ready to adapt and go with the flow.  Anything can happen during an interview.  The conversation can go in different directions.  Be ready for it.  Have fun and go into it to add value to the audience.