The Anatomy of A Great Podcast Press Kit

The Anatomy of A Great Podcast Press Kit

The Anatomy of A Great Podcast Press Kit

As someone who guests a lot of guests requests sent from individuals, publicists, and PR firms I can tell you there are ways to stand out.

Ways to save time for the person making the decision to bring you on their show. And in that the best you tell your story in the quickest amount of them, the better your chance will be to be a guest on a podcast or media outlet.

Quickly convey why you're a great fit with a well thought out press kit.  As a host they do make a difference we you're receiving several requests a day.  It's also helped me get on other shows and media publications.  In the last 2 years I've done 130 interviews on podcast and other platforms which I credit to having a professions and well thought out press kit.


The Colors you choose are important.  If you have personal branding colors or business colors I would use those.  If the emotion you're looking to evoke are different then any current colors you use.  I would encourage you to look at the phycology of colors. There's a reason household brands use specific colors in their logos.

About Section

Take a few sentences to introduce who you are, what your about, and what you bring to the table as a potential guest. Include both person and professional experience.  I have a general about me section that is also used by the hosts to introduce me.  Really focus on who you are and what value you can add to audiences.

Things I've Overcome

In my media kit I have a section where I list all the hurdles I've overcome thus far both personal and professional which helps hosts get to know me and see if any those hurdles would add value to share with the audience.

Possible Speaking Topics

If the podcast doesn't have a repeating format, I include a section of about 10-15 questions that make it easier on the host to ask specific questions.  The easier you make it for the host the more they appreciate it.  

Relevant Images From Events and Appearances

Enhance the overall experience of your press kit with adding images that connect and help tell the story of who you are.

Social Media Accounts

Include your social media handles to make it easy for the host to look at your content and do any background information.

Media Appearances

Include logos of the shows and media you've been on that link to the appearances.  This gives the host an idea of how you are in different formats and what to expect from a discussions.

No matter what you include in your press kit make sure it accurately represents you and shares why you a great fit to the podcasts and shows to hope to be on.


For an example of what my press kit looks like visit click on the link.