The Power of A Podcast Voice In An Overly Censored Social Media World

The Power of A Podcast Voice In An Overly Censored Social Media World

We rang in 2022 and nothing has changed in terms of guidelines, bans, fact checkers, and overall social media censorship.

Lets face it, if you're on the other side of the isle as social media platforms, your facts thoughts, and opinions will be suppressed. If you continue to put information out you may even be banned and ultimately removed from those platforms.

Facebook has come out that their fact checkers weren't qualified to review information. Most bans were done on party lines.  

Twitter as a platform allows recognized terrorist groups and people charged with abusing children to have accounts, but ban those speaking up against the narrative like doctors and political figures.  Where is the equal sided monitoring?

When the Hunter Biden laptop story came out before the elections, the New York Times released it. As soon as it was put on Twitter the New York Times twitter account was banned.  A established American media outlet banned.  Because it went against the narrative and was surpassed to not sway an election. 

How can we have an honest dialog and get voices out on both sides without being suppressed?

Ding ding ding podcasts.

A recent podcast episode of The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 Dr. Robert Malone MD turned out to be very popular and was censored by several platforms.

At this point Joe Rogan's podcast is exclusive to Spotify, but clips still go on YouTube to promote the episode.  The podcast shared clips for the Robert Malone interview on YouTube.  They reached 40 million views and right after were taken down by YouTube.

A sitting U.S. Congressman felt he had to take a step to prevent the Big Tech censorship from completely killing the episode and entered the episode itself to the Congressional Record.

This episode which in today's lockdown everything and impose draconian like mandates as much as possible didn't fit the narrative.  It was a doctor who was vaccinated who was one of the creatures of the mRNA technology speaking out about big pharma and his disagreements about what was going on. If you agree or not Dr. Malone holds patents in mRNA tech and has been a doctor for decades.  So you're telling me a medical established professional that speaks against the narrative and big pharma is censored, but were supposed to listen to Big Bird on Sesame Street as a trusted expert on vaccines?

This episode is Rogan's most listened to/downloaded episodes with tens of millions possibly and maybe over 100 million plays and downloads when it's all said and done.  And you can't silence that.  That's the power of a podcast. 

Besides this occurrence, Joe Rogan beats all traditional media outlets including the closest by four times

The Joe Rogan Experience experience racks in 11 million listeners per show and no one even comes close.

This is the power of controlling your own narrative.  You don't need a media outlet to get your message across. No gate keepers to censor your message out of existence.  You are your own media empire.  You may argue that Spotify is that gate keeper, but for the most part they have been pretty tolerant of the guests and content the show puts out.

If you have a message to share, you have the potential to reach a global audience. Where would you be able to do that on traditional media or social if you were deemed controversial?  Maybe your show topic is controversial or against the narrative.  You can still get your message out but you need to be creative with promotion because the traditional media outlets would be out. Your show can amplify any message you have with no traditional gate keepers.

If you are a professional and your narrative is being suppressed, there are shows out there that can get your message out to the right audiences.

Voices on both sides need to stop being censored so people can have actual discussions without biased interjection.  I feel like this genuine dialog is being had in the podcast space.  So are we the last space for protecting freedom of speech? Only time will tell.