What Is A Podcast?

What Is A Podcast?

What Is A Podcast?

Throughout the years the definition of what is a podcast has changed and has been the subject of heated.

When I got into podcasting in 2017 my understanding and definition to this question of what is a podcast is any piece of audio that can be distributed via RSS feed.

Definition of What is A Podcast in 2023

In 2023 what is a podcast to someone you ask may vary greatly.  I've heard others define it as a program that is available in digital format for download over the Internet.  Instead of focusing of the RSS feed distribution this focused more about the ability to be downloadable on the internet. A digital audio file which you can download to a cell phone or a computer pretty much.

Without the audio component, the way of distribution in terms syndication via RSS feed to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and then the ability to download and consume locally on your devices, I don't think you truly have something that can be considered a podcast.

Is Video Content A Podcast?

With video both short form and long form gaining popularity the discussion evolved to if a show is solely in a video format is it considered a podcast. The argument can be made for video in 2023 in terms of what is a podcast.

The example that can validate this is Spotify.  Spotify now has a native video player on its platform.  So for example, if your podcast is hosted on Anchor you can natively upload a video file instead of a audio file, the video file goes to Spotify for the video to be able to be played there, as well as have the audio stripped from the video and the audio format going everywhere else.  Which you then can argue that the video is the podcast itself and the audio of that video is what get distributed and downloaded.

No matter who your definition is of what is a podcast to you, you can be sure that may be changed or influenced in the future with technological advancements.