What I've Learned About Success Interviewing 300+ Global Leaders

What I've Learned About Success Interviewing 300+ Global Leaders

Everyone wants to know the magic formula to success.  What motivates a person to succeed?  Why are some people more successful than others? Is there any commonality why over 300 hundred people from different walks of life became successful?  

Interviews on The Digital Savage Experience go in different directions, but several questions seem to overlap. What has been your journey till now? What's one weakness you turned into a strength and utilize today? What motivates you to succeed? What's one piece of advice you can leave with the audience, personal or professional?  Naturally with these questions asked many times, I'm able to document overlap in responses.

Some people are born into wealth. Some people into poverty.  Some people get some level of luck in terms of meeting the right person at the right time and the rest is history.  The starting point doesn't define you. It can help you be in a favorable place, but it's not something that can't be conquered. The cards you are dealt may be a hurdle, but don't have to be permanent obstacles. 

The number one thing every person I've interviewed has in common is they've persevered and outlasted their competitors.  They were also quick to pivot if they experienced a setback.  The one thing you can do is not give up.  Netflix didn't give up when Blockbuster had a chance to  buy them but laughed it off.  They kept going.  Everyone will go through their high points and low points in their lives, it's how you handle those situations both bad and good.  So many people and companies were months or days away from reaching their goal, but they got discouraged and gave up prematurely.  

My guests didn't let their failures define them.  They learned, gained knowledge from the failure, and pivoted if needed.  I've learned from hosting the Digital Savage Experience that everything in life is either a lesson or blessing.  You learn and you adapt.  Life is a journey, lessons are learned both bad or good.  All of those build and add to how to react to other situations that may arise in the future.  Regardless of what anyone tells you about success, you can't be successful if you quit.