What Social Audio App Is Right to Complement Your Podcast

What Social Audio App Is Right to Complement Your Podcast

Social Audio Apps have gained traction in the last 2 years, and podcasters have taken full advantage to grow and connect with their audiences.

But it feels like there are so many social audio platforms and not enough time in the day.  Which one makes the most sense for your type of show to add value,


Clubhouse has been around for a while and is one of the bigger social audio apps.  With Clubhouse most types of shows can benefit because of the ability to create clubs and rooms around your show and it's subject matter.

The Digital Savage Experience grew in new locations globally because of the platform.  

You can also use the platform to do live recordings with audiences and do post shows as well.

If you have a topical show, doing a room to capture questions and possible show topics is very helpful.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter also got into the social audio game.  If you already have an established Twitter account or are active on Twitter, Twitter spaces may be the right platform for you.  Twitter also has an established user base your show can grow with.

Facebook Live Audio

Facebook just recently got into the social audio space.  I really have not seen that much adoption with Facebook Live Audio.  Which shows, just because you're a big social platform doesn't mean you'll find instant success on the social audio side. 

Spotify Greenroom

If you're a sports based show this is the place for your. Spotify purchased Locker Room which had sports related rooms and shows. Spotify kept the interface adding their own branding and Greenroom was born.  If you have a sports focused podcast this platform is the place for you.


Fireside is not exactly in this same category as other social audio apps.  The platform is a one stop shop for creators to create and launch new projects.  You can develop, record, broadcast, and monetize all in one place.  With continuous creator centric improvements it's a great place to get ideas off of the ground.

Regardless on what platform you invest your time on, make sure it's a good fit for your show and you get the maximum value out of it for your show.