Why I Started A Podcast

Why I Started A Podcast

It seems the amount of new podcasts grows by the thousands each day.  And just as many people are probably telling you why you need to start one or listen to theirs.

I wanted to start a podcast for as long as I can remember, and if I did when I first wanted, it would of been five years before the fact. Fear of mistakes, of where to host, of the right microphone, of what it would be about, and many other things got in the way.

Podcasts are a great way to communicate and leave an impact.  They are a superior content format to text, image, and video in the sense that audio is the only content medium which you can truly multitask with. You can exercise and listen to a podcast, drive and listen to a podcast, and just about do anything else while retaining focus on listening and the activity you are doing. 

But do I believe every single person should have a podcast?  No I do not.  It's a lot of work to record, edit, put out, and market any podcast. Let alone one that succeeds.  Those that start for the wrong reasons often fail.  Podcasting is not a get rich quick play.  Most podcasters give up in the single episodes not even making it to episode 10.  If you aren't starting for the right reasons you won't put out a product you're passionate about. 

I started The Digital Savage Experience Podcast late 2017.  At that point I was in the digital marketing field for 8 years, ran digital teams, worked with fortune 500 clients, and founded my own agency.  I had other life experiences in that time as well that I thought audio would be a great way to deliver information.  So I said it was finally time to start.  I launched the show on Anchor.fm pre Spotify acquisition without even a microphone just on my cell phone.  And grew my knowledge base, equipment, interview technique, auto editing skills, and every other aspect of the show. 

It started as a solo show where I spoke about actionable digital marketing tactics, life experiences and things like becoming a foster parent. And morphed into an interview based show where I speak to people from all walks of life about their journeys to know, what motivates them, weaknesses they turned into strengths, and advice they have for the audience.  I show is every changing.  You're not stuck to not be able to redefine it.  Shows can end, new ones can start, genres can change, show formats can change, show names can change, you are the maker of your own podcast destiny.  

Start a podcast or not it's up to you.  But do it for the right reasons, don't chase a pot of gold, and if you have been wanting to start for a while just do it.