Ep #108 Interview With Danielle Downey Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & DNA Light Up Coach - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to interview Danielle Downey.

Danielle knew early on that she was not like most children at her school. With a chaotic home life riddled with violence, neglect, abuse and poverty she learned early on how to survive and adapt. Every challenge taught her a valuable lesson about resilience and self motivation allowing her to develop an unshakable positive mindset, along with a sense of humor. Her book, It's No Secret, Thriving After Surviving  takes the reader on a journey detailing the life changing events which tested Danielle’s resilience and willpower.

We spoke about her journey of getting through abuse, violence, and neglect which happened at a young age, how she was able to overcome and cope, her book, "It's No Secret, Thriving After Surviving", what motivates her, advice she has for others going  through similar situations, weaknesses she turned into strengths, and much more.

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