Ep #116 Interview With Carry Metkowski Forbes Coaches Council Member, TEDx Speaker, & Author - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to interview Carry Metkowski.

Carry is a leadership coach and author who helps managers and leaders cultivate influence to establish an exceptional workplace. She is a recent addition to Forbes Coaching Council and serves on their Expert Panel. She’s also had the rare opportunity to speak at TedX. Before starting Carry Metkowski, Carry worked for 17 years as a business and product development leader, helping New York Times Best Selling Authors and several Fortune 500 companies create leadership development programs. She now coaches other top professionals on how to create measurable
leadership growth under her own brand. When she’s not coaching, Carry enjoys creating inbound marketing, commercial film production. and cooking.

We got to speak about how she got to the 2019 version of herself, what motivates her, weaknesses she's turned into strengths, advice she has for the audience, and much more.

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