Ep #151 Inspiring Your Employees To Action And Change With Jill Valdez COO of LINK Consulting

I got to interview Jill Valdez.

Jill is the founder and COO of LINK Consulting.  She is a skilled strategic planner of people management and team development for the small to mid-size company, a minister, and certified life coach.  For 17 years she was an executive with non-profits, connecting people to be a part of something that made significant impact.  Jill founded LINK consulting which helps organizations create and implement a vision that everyone understands and embraces, while inspiring employees to action and change with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to fulfill the common good of the company.

We spoke about:

Her journey to now.

What motivates her.

Weaknesses she turned into strengths.

Advice she has for the audience.

And much more.

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