Ep #167 Global Journey Through Sales and Marketing at Dell, Sony, HubSpot, and More Interview With Clodagh S. Higgins Business Coach, Author, and Podcast Host

I got to interview Clodagh S.Higgins.

Clodagh is a business coach & consultant for digital marketing agencies with the Growit Group based in Ireland and works globally. An ex-HubSpotter, she has worked with over 500+ agencies around the world, helping them on the areas of sales, marketing, services, scaling and growth in their businesses so that they can deliver exceptional results for their clients.

We spoke about:

  • 1:47 Starting a business degree but leaving to move to Dublin and work for Dell.
  • 2:21 Getting opportunity to work for Sony in Australia.  Was first experience in understanding sales and marketing alignment
  • 3:41 Opening up a consulting agency.
  • 4:31 Moving back to Ireland.
  • 5:01 Got an opportunity to work for HubSpot and run her own agency at the same time.
  • 7:11 Leaving HubSpot to help agency owners have the businesses they dreamed of when they first started it.
  • 9:11 Motivated by having impact with those around her.
  • 14:31 Learning to truly communicate.
  • 20:01 Doing what you love and creating your own path.
  • 21:31 Designing your life your way.
  • And much more.

Her Podcast: Agency Life Podcast

Her Book: A HAPPY & HEALTHY DIGITAL AGENCY: 6 Pillars to Build a Profitable Business with Ideal Clients

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