Ep #170 Coping With Grief Through Systems Interview With Briar Harvey Author, Podcaster, and Systems Expert

I got to interview Briar Harvey. 

Briar is an author, podcaster, and systems expert. She works with niche businesses to create sustainable business systems built around organic marketing and community building.  She delights in telling stories, and believes that systems are what allow people who have a problem to connect with a product or service that solves that problem, not about Inbox Zero and making kittens cry.  You can find her at her website.

We spoke about:

  • 2:01 Getting into coaching.
  • 2:36 Loosing her third baby and nearly dying.
  • 3:16 Started ghost writing.
  • 3:51 Getting into funnel design and back end systems.
  • 5:01 Loosing a child and how she got through it.
  • 13:31 It's not about money in terms of things, it's what you do with it.
  • 15:21 Overcoming being stuck on being right.
  • 17:51 Always tell your stories.

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