Ep #179 The Power of Employee Advocacy Interview With Glenn Gaudet Founder and CEO of GaggleAMP

I got to interview Glenn Gaudet.

Glenn Gaudet is the founder and CEO of GaggleAMP, the first employee advocacy platform designed to leverage employees   and supercharge your marketing efforts.  Glenn and his team work to help companies and their teams create powerful outcomes by tapping into stakeholders as advocates.  Placing the greatest focus on engagement and the power of true community, employees and channel partners engage GaggleAMP to generate authentic relationships throughout their social media efforts.  This incredibly powerful platform encourages engagement, reduces the heavy lift of your social teams acting alone, and allows for broader reach of your company's messaging.

We spoke about:

  • 1:41 25 years in marketing.
  • 10:22 Built to succeed.
  • 12:36 Being grateful.
  • 19:38 When growth stops decay begins.
  • And more.

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