Ep #206 Preventing Self Doubt Interview With Daniela Gilet Data Analyst and Podcast Host

I got to interview Daniela Gilet.

Daniela Gilet is the host of The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast, a podcast for creatives and innovators desiring to forge a new trail for their life and business. She is a positive self-talk maven and is an upcoming author with an affinity for community sustainability and effective lifestyle design. She is a contributor blogger and her work has been featured on Medium.com, The National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals(NAAHP)- wealth acquisition in the Haitian community, and The National Association of Health Service Executives(NAHSE). Our conversation today will cover overcoming self-doubt and lifestyle interdependency.

We spoke about:

  • 1:00 Career path.
  • 3:55 How has being an immigrant impact drive?
  • 11:50 Preventing self doubt.
  • And much more.

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