Ep #235 Healing From Abuse Interview With Sarah Griffiths Abuse and Trauma Expert

I got to interview Sarah Griffiths.

Sarah battled with low self-esteem in her younger years, and suffered at the hands of an emotionally abusive husband. Refusing to allow her trauma to dictate her future, she now teaches others the methods she used to rebuild her life, bringing them fulfilment and helping them to fall in love with themselves again.

We spoke about:

  • Her journey to now.
  • What motivates her.
  • Weaknesses she turned into strengths.
  • Advice for the audience.
  • And much more.

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Sarah GriffithsProfile Photo

Sarah Griffiths

Abuse and Trauma Expert

Sarah Griffiths is an abuse and trauma therapist the help people heal and thrive after they experience abuse. She went through CPTSD, depression, anxiety, and almost committed suicide. Sarah help those that experienced past abuse heal from the deep seated emotional wounds that remain.