Ep #286 Confront Your Brutal Reality Interview With Todd Palmer CEO and Author

I got to interview Todd Palmer.

Todd Palmer is an executive coach, keynote speaker, renowned thought leader, author, and CEO who is committed to helping business owners tackle their obstacles and clear their path to success. As an entrepreneur and active CEO, Todd knows the struggles business owners face regarding people, cash, strategy & execution. He took his company from being $600,000 in debt, to making the INC 5,000 as one of America’s fastest-growing companies (an astounding 6 times!).   He specializes in helping leaders join the mission statement of the organization with their personal core values, while addressing fears, self-doubts and imposter syndrome. He brings a unique blend of authenticity, transparency and vulnerability to help leaders & organizations achieve their highest goals, and he’s here today   to share his story, what he’s learned along the way, and his proven framework for helping business owners achieve success.

We spoke about:

  • 1:30 Got into entrepreneurship because wasn’t a good employee.
  • 3:30 Firing entire company in one day.
  • 4:00 In order to change you must change yourself.
  • 5:50 Confront your brutal reality.
  • 14:15 Motivation happens after taking action.
  • 20:00 Listen to absorb and not to respond.

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