Ep #317 Why Me Interview With Vera-Lee Curnow The WhyMe Movement

Ep #317 Why Me Interview With Vera-Lee Curnow The WhyMe Movement

I got to interview Vera-Lee Curnow.

The WhyMe Movement was founded by Vera-Lee Curnow after multiple near death experiences and adversities in her life.

One pivotal moment waking from a coma where she was not expected to survive, Vera-Lee explains how opening her eyes to the world with a fresh perspective, seeing colours with more vibrance, feeling the warmth of the sun like it was the first time again and knowing she never wanted to ask herself WhyMe in woeful unempowered feeling again,

She decided that was the last time she was going to feel controlled by adversity into darkness. Seeing the light in a new way upon waking from that coma, she started focusing more on what she could be grateful for in her life despite the immense physical and emotional challenges facing her path.

We spoke about:

  • Her journey to now.
  • What motivates her.
  • Weaknesses she turned into strengths.
  • Advice for the audience.
  • And much more.

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