Ep #69 Interview With Sasha Laghonh Founder of Sasha Talks - Roman Prokophuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

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Ep #69 Interview With Sasha Laghonh Founder of Sasha Talks - Roman Prokophuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

Sasha Laghonh (laa-go) brings over eighteen years of experience to the commercial realm by working with clients hosting diverse backgrounds and life endeavors. As a seasoned MBA professional, she also specializes in Organizational & Human Behavior which grants her a broad base from which to approach many topics. These tools drive her corporate career by executing diverse business strategies in complex and evolving environments. As a Business & Lifestyle Strategist, she works with clients ready to transform and elevate their performance in their lives.

To complement her career, she is a spiritualist hosting abilities that allow her to deliver intuitive insights derived from questions possessing various degrees of complexity. By applying these insights as a self-development tool, one can empower themselves by making better decisions with clarity and confidence. Recognized as one of the best tested readers in 2012, Sasha continues to share her spiritual craft with global clients through private sessions, professional groups and global media including print. 

She has produced five shows for media outlets, and has authored books focusing on business, self-development and spirituality. Her latest is 'Departures: Smart Packing, of Life's Essentials, for On-Time Arrivals' and 'Sermons from the Heart'. All are welcome to tune into her shows "Sasha Talks Spirituality" (c.2012), "Awaken with Sasha" (c.2013-2014), "Sasha Talks" (c.2012-present) on BBS, "Moving Mountains with Sasha (c.2016-present), ExecuPeaks (c.2017) and Karma Trucks (c.2018). Sasha's work is presented through various media appearances and private speaking engagements. As a frequent guest on FM/AM radio and worldwide platforms, including events, she educates audiences on business strategies, effective management & leadership, lifestyle choices, and spirituality. For pleasure Sasha enjoys traveling, teaching and raising awareness of various humanitarian efforts. Bring an open mind and heart to experience the difference.


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