Ep #71 Interview With James D. Miller Author & QueBIT Consulting Master Consultant - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

James D. Miller is an innovator and accomplished Sr. Project Lead & Solution Architect with 37 yrs. of extensive design and development experience across multiple platforms and technologies.

His roles include leveraging his consulting experience to provide hands-on leadership in all phases of advanced analytics and related technology projects, providing and delivering recommendations for process improvement, report accuracy, adoption of disruptive technologies, enablement and insight identification.  He currently is a Master Consultant at QueBIT Consulting.  He will be hosting a webinar in May, Webinar: Facial expression classification solution using IBM Watson Studio .

His literary works include:

Statistics for Data Science, Mastering Predictive Analytics w/R, Big Data Visualization, Learning Watson Analytics, Implementing Splunk, Mastering Splunk, 5 Guiding Principles of a Successful Center of Excellence & TM1 Developer's Certification Guide and Watson Projects.

His latest book is Hands-On Machine Learning with IBM Watson: Leverage IBM Watson to implement machine learning techniques and algorithms using Python and can be found on Amazon. 

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