Ep #84 Interview With Veena Jetti Founding Partner at Enzo Multifamily - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to speak with Veena Jetti about all things commercial real estate.  Real Estate Developer & Philanthropist. Creating relationships and helping others succeed is at the core of her values.  Veena Jetti, Founding Partner at Enzo Multifamily, has 10+ years of real estate experience including overseeing the management of $1B+ in real estate assets. Her expertise includes driving corporate growth strategy, asset management, and business development derived from working for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Her background includes acquisition, syndication, and growth strategy for multifamily assets. She is often a panelist and speaker at various global conferences and radio shows. Veena is also a founder and past board member of a national non-profit organization. In 2017, she spent a lot of her time and focus on aiding the victims of Hurricane Harvey through coordinating emergency dispatch and rescue calls.

Since Harvey, her ongoing rescue work involves helping companies and nonprofits understand how they can be better prepared for disaster response. Veena has an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Illinois Chicago."

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