How Are Top Podcast Websites Performing?

How Are Top Podcast Websites Performing?

How Are Top Podcast Websites Performing?

I'm a big proponent of websites being the cornerstone of your online presence not only for your personal brand, business, but also your podcast.

Driving listeners to a podcast player or your podcast host is great and all, but why not control the conversation and drive listeners to your dedicated podcast website where you can create more enhanced experiences for listeners.

Now almost all top global podcasts have a dedicated website or some other representation listeners can visit.

Is the strategies of these shows to control the conversation and experience of their listeners on their website? Not necessarily for all, but they are alternate places to listen and experience the shows for the first time through organic searches from search engines for both branded and unbranded keywords.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Although Joe Rogan's show is a Spotify exclusive and doesn't have a dedicated website for the show itself, the podcast is highlighted on his website. Joe Rogan's website gets an estimated 1.4 million visits a month pulling for almost 9k keywords. Usually the actual numbers tend to be higher. But still a healthy amount of visits.

Crime Junkie Podcast

True Crime is still one of the most popular podcast categories. Lots of shows exist in the category and a bunch that are fan favorites. Their website is easy to navigate, branding is on point, and episodes easy to find. Additional experiences for listeners exist like becoming a fan, upcoming events, and insider updates. The organic traffic has grown consistently over time and currently is around 550k organic visits a month with the site pulling for 56.5k keywords.

Dak Shepard's Armchair Expert Podcast

The popular co-hosted interview format show seems to always be in the top global podcasts list. The organic traffic to the site is at 101k pulling for 49k keywords.

Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

Obviously Conan has a brand and name behind his show like some of the others. The site itself highlights other shows as well and projects Conan is working on besides the podcast. The site has an estimate of 1 million organic visits and pulls for 51k keywords.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

The Wall Street lawyer turned interviewer has landed some of the biggest guests in their respective fields and gets downloads in the 8 figures a month. The website is clean, easy to navigate, and is on brand. Very modern and artsy. Any listener that lands on the sight would get added value.  Current organic visits are at 40k visits and pulls for almost 45k keywords.

Regardless if these shows and others utilize their websites to their maximum capacity to gain more traction, the bottom line is they have websites to do so.  You can always adjust or create a strategy for your podcast site over time.  Do more, invest more time, add more content, and anything else. But without a site this isn't possible.