Ep #100 Interview With Lindsay Prokopchuk My Wife, Retail Management Executive, & Foster Parent - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience

For episode 100 I finally got to speak to my wife on the show.  She's been in the retail management space for many companies and is also going back to school to make a career change into education. 

We began the interview speaking about her journey professionally which set the stage for speaking about her journey personally. We've experienced infertility and have had several miscarriages.  Situations like dealing with one of the miscarriages on Christmas. She spoke about the pain dealing with that, and going through the infertility process with all the procedures like egg retrieval, IUI, IVF, etc. , and where we are in the process with that. 

Then we got into how and why we got into foster care mainly foster to adopt, our experiences with the boys we had for a year that we thought we would be able to adopt but got taken and reunified, our frustrations with the foster care system, how painful it was after the losing the boys, how were holding up now, and what we are looking at for the future. 

If you're a women, or anyone looking dealing with infertility, a family looking into becoming foster parents, or anyone looking to see how you can manage a full time job, going back to school, being a foster mom, and taking care of 2 dogs then this episode is a must listen. You can find Lindsay on social media like Instagram & Facebook sharing her journey.  

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