Ep #161 Empowering and Navigating The Family Creation Journey Interview With Eloise Drane Founder of Surrogacy Roadmap

I got to interview Eloise Drane.

Eloise is the founder of Surrogacy Roadmap, a DIY online course for surrogacy and Family Inceptions, an agency that works together with prospective parents, egg donors, and surrogates to help build families of choice.      

She knows that compassion and grace are necessary ingredients for the delicate journey that egg donation and gestational surrogacy can be for all parties.      

Eloise’s passion and unparalleled empathy blossomed from her own experience as an egg donor six times and a surrogate three times.

As a previous leader of several infertility support groups, Eloise understands the importance of empowerment and encouragement within the family creation process.

We spoke about:

  • 1:11 Being a kidney donor.
  • 1:21 Being an egg donor.
  • 1:31 Becoming a surrogate.
  • 2:21 How many people are going through infertility.
  • 3:23 Creating your own family.
  • 4:11 What the surrogacy course covers.
  • 5:31 Surrogacy laws across the United States.
  • 8:31 Motivated by knowing this is her calling.
  • 9:31 Struggling with comparisons.
  • 12:21 Running your own race.
  • And much more.

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