Ep #323 From a Childhood in Poverty to 300 Million in Sales Interview With Matthew Gallagher Founder and CEO Watch Gang

I got to speak to Matthew Gallagher.

Matthew is Los Angeles based entrepreneur with a history in computer engineering and digital advertising. As the founder and CEO of Watch Gang, Matthew oversees the day to day business operations of the world's largest watch club, leading the business to $300M in sales. Matthew's childhood in poverty made him passionate about helping others and led him to becoming a committed philanthropist.

We spoke about:

  • 01:22 Growing up in poverty
  • 1:52 Finding a role model
  • 3:17 Starting Watch Gang from watch gifted from his father.
  • 5:47 Moving to LA to pursue.
  • 6:22 Father's passing put things in perspective.
  • 9:17 Starting Watch Gang.
  • 13:12 Company growing pains.
  • 13:52 Hiring friends to fill roles and grow company.
  • 15:50 Pivoting during lockdowns.
  • 26:17 Philanthropy helping kids.
  • 28:32 Take action

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