ChatGPT and Podcasting What to Expect For Podcasts

ChatGPT and Podcasting What to Expect For Podcasts

ChatGPT and Podcasting What to Expect For Podcasts

AI has been blowing up this year when it comes to understanding and generating unique content in audio, imagery, and text. 

As new technologies and capabilities come out when it comes to artificial intelligence, how can an indie podcaster or a show part of a podcast network incorporate these to save time and add value to your shows.

ChatGPT Optimizes Language Models for Dialogue

ChatGPT was trained on an large amount of text data. It learned to recognize patterns which lets it produce its own text mimicking various writing styles. OpenAI doesn’t make it clear what precise data was used for training ChatGPT, but does say it generally crawled the web as a whole, used archived books, and Wikipedia.

ChatGPT interacts in a conversationally. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect position, and reject of topic requests. 


Ways Podcasters Can Use ChatGPT

  • Save time on background research on upcoming guests.

For most interview based shows this is a major prep time suck.  Either you're spending time or a team member devoted to background research of guests.  Save time and resources to have ChatGPT as your starting point of guest research

  • Validate information provided by guests for authenticity. 

I've had situations where some guests weren't truthful about what they achieved, who they were in general, and their integrity.  Which resulted in unneeded PR reputation management situations where I had to provide responses to consumer watch do groups, craft a formal guest disclaimer, and go back and edit episodes the guests appeared.  All this could of potentially been avoided if ChatGPT existed where provided information could be ran through and revalidated.  You can also just straight look for negative PR on guests themselves so you know what's out there. 

  • Create outlines and scripts for your podcasts.

Writing a script or outline thoughtfully takes time.  Let ChatGPT provide this repeating task for you and your show.  It may not be exactly what you expected, but you can perfect the process, and eventually develop a process that adds value to your show.

  • Create supplemental content like articles and blog posts to add additional value to your audiences and increase potential for organic traffic to your podcast website.

Streamline content production for your show.  If you already create content you can ask for whatever is written to mirror your writing style or other styles as well.  You do have to perfect the process.

Would I fully depend on ChatGPT or other AI driven solutions to be responsible for all of my content? No I would not.  But if you have a small team or in the trenches wearing all hats for your show it can really help you save time, add an automation component, and truly be able to scale you show and content.  You should always test and be open how emerging tech can add value and save time.  Always better being at the beginning because you can always mold how ChatGPT can be perfected within the space of podcasting.