Fireside App Has Now Gone Live On IOS

Fireside App Has Now Gone Live On IOS
I've had the pleasure to see first hand for the last several months how much of a game changer Fireside can be for podcasters.
Social audio has gained  a lot of popularity in the last few months, and many people think platforms in the market are all social audio.
 Fireside is not social audio nor is it the vision of the platform.
Podcasters can level up their content to the next level with features that tap the power of the audio medium.
Fireside provides robust analytics to really get meaningful metrics about your audience which has always been asked from the podcast community.  Drill down to who your audience is and how they engage during your show.
As a podcaster you have the option to invite your listeners directly on the platform or have them listen in from outside the platform.  You have the power and support to build your audience how you choose.
Your show is recorded in a live format in real time, with great sounding audio, and on multiple tracks. 
Your audience couldn't tune in live?  Previous shows are accessible via your profile.
That's just a few of the things you have as a podcaster on the platform.  Some of the features I can not discuss so you just need to find out for yourself.
The Fireside team is there for you and help take your concept all the way to a show if you so choose.
Fireside is about freedom for the creator which I can get behind.
Besides being the host to the Digital Savage Experience Podcast and Real Talk Podcasting, I'll be creating exclusives in the coming weeks on Fireside that are near and dear to me, and collaborating with other creators on the platform to bring original concepts to life.
You want to check Fireside out? Here is the Fireside app on the Apple App Store as well as you can real out to me directly for an invite link.