Impact Over Clout What Your Mindset Should Be Going Into A Podcast Interview

Impact Over Clout What Your Mindset Should Be Going Into A Podcast Interview

Being a guest on podcasts to get your message across seems to be the new thing in terms of branding and promotion.

With COVID many people like authors lost the ability to do in person events and standard ways to launch their books like book tours.

Remote podcast interviews were the perfect solution.  In the comfort of your own home you can be on podcasts, share your message, and reach you perspective audience that may be interested in your book. 

But is this the best approach going into a podcast interview as a guest, or the maximum amount of value added to your audience as a host?

The approach I recommend to those that want to leverage themselves as experts on podcasts is a phrase I use and practice often.

Impact over clout.

It starts with figuring out what valuable knowledge and experiences you can share that add value to podcast listening audiences.

Start with sitting down and make a list of what you have professional or life experience in.  What you've overcome in your life that others can potentially take away from.  As well as craft questions that a show may get maximum value asking you.

I made an obstacles I've overcome list which is included in my press kit which looks like:

  • Growing up as a first generation immigrant.
  • Abusive father that was never around.
  • Being jobless and lost in the 2008 recession.
  • Going through depression.  Breaking through the industry as a self taught digital marketer.
  • Dealing with challenges of founding a company.
  • Going through 5 miscarriages in 3 years with his wife.
  • Spending over 100k out of pocket on infertility treatments.
  • Having kids he thought he would adopt after a year be reunified.
  • Dealing with several deaths and illnesses in his family in the last few years.

I also made a potential speaking topics list:

  • Living as a child in the Soviet Union.
  • Almost passing away as a baby.
  • Being a first generation immigrant.
  • Coming to the US with 6 family members, living in a 2 bedroom apartment.
  • Interning with the Secret Service.
  • Becoming a self taught digital marketer out of the 2008 recession.
  • Working on over 600 campaigns across several industries.
  • Being a heart led entrepreneur and a follower of Christ.
  • Founding a marketing agency.
  • Building and leading digital teams in senior marketing roles.
  • Working with Fortune 500 clients.
  • Starting 2 top 100 podcasts.
  • Going through 6 miscarriages, from a husbands perspective.
  • Fostering 25 kids since June 2018.

If you make your main goal to add value to each show you try to go on, the experience will be that much better.  

By being genuine in that sense and not overselling, you're more likely to get interest and when listeners want to know more about you since you added value to them, there's an extra layer of trust built.

This information is also great to include in a press kit or one pager to basically get right to where your appearance on a podcast can add value to that audience.

When I really started trying to go on other podcasts to add value first and foremost, that's when the traction started happening in terms of my brand, my business, and growth in listenership for my podcast.