No One Likes My Podcast Sad Face

No One Likes My Podcast Sad Face

No One Likes My Podcast

I hear this all the time. Or no one is listening. No one knows about my show. Should I keep going?

What does that mean to you? Are you not getting the Joe Rogan numbers after podcasting for a month? Did Spotify not pick up your show for nine figures? Is that sponsor cash not flowing?

Do you think your content is amazing and adds value but no one seems to be consuming it?  Well you're not alone.

Going into podcasting you have to set realistic expectations. If you aren't a person with a large following or a media presence, it's that much harder to gain traction. Have a pre existing presence gives you a launch pad. Can your potential or new podcast make it without it? Yes, but it's that much harder. Especially if you're an independent podcaster. If you're thinking about starting a podcast or just started you have to have a baseline to what success means to you. If you're expecting a monster launch without a plan to do so it isn't going to happen.

Many podcasters focus only on the number of downloads and plays, but don't look at what being in the top percentage for downloads look like.

According to Buzzsprout in terms of their shows episode downloads in the first 7 days the numbers may not be what you think.

  • Top 1% of podcasts had 4,666 downloads
  • Top 5% had 875 downloads
  • Top 10% had 356 downloads
  • Top 25% had 96 downloads
  • Top 50% had 29 downloads

Just because a million people didn't download your show doesn't mean they don't listen, don't like your content, or that you aren't doing well.

Does the show that you produce qualify as content with a purpose? Does it add value? Is the audience niche and super specific or does your show appeal to a broad audience segment? All these come into play for how your show does and if it grows.

According to Edison Research, the reasons why people listen to podcasts are because they want to learn new things, they want to be entertained, they want to stay up to date on topics, to relax, to feel inspired, to escape, and for companionship.

There are also reasons people don't listen and the barriers that exist. People identified podcasts not being for them, that they don't have enough time, podcasts don't provide anything they can't get somewhere else, cell phone data usage concerns, podcasts are too long, they would have to pay to subscribe, and they think there aren't any podcasts that cover the topics they are interested in.

You're not only competing with other podcasts for listeners, but hoping to convince non native listeners to somehow become podcast consumers.

If you believe your show is quality consumable content that adds value but no one is listening, it may not be that they don't like your podcast, they simply may not be able to find your show. It becomes a discoverability issue.

Do you have a website for your show that you can attract potential new listeners that are searching for similar content through organic search? Are you cross promoting on other podcasts with similar audiences that you're looking to attract? Do you invest into display and paid social to attract those that may be interested in the subject matter of your show?

Just like you need a reason to start podcasting. A plan if you will. You also need a roadmap to achieve the desired results of your podcast. You can't simply set it and forget.

The easy part is hitting the record button. The hard part is when that episode is live and you need to promote it to make people aware it's there. Have a plan. Know your audience. Roll up your sleeves. And get to work.