Podcasts A Great Way To Fight Propaganda and Spread It

Podcasts A Great Way To Fight Propaganda and Spread It

People go on podcasts for different reasons. Many shows have guests and are interview format.  But what really can you get out of a show and give to it?

Podcasts can also be about a specific subject matter without any guests, but the information that's being shared is not the whole truth.  Other shows are created to be open and honest and do a great job combatting viewpoints that may not be true.

A lot of information on the internet is exaggerated or simply not true.  Some come on interview format podcasts to spread the truth, and some unfortunately to spread lies.

It may not necessarily be on a grand scale like claiming a genocide never happened, but sometimes it is just lies to cover up the truth.

Sometimes things like hyping up a business and potential earnings before selling.  Sometimes smearing someone else's name.  What ever it may be it's spreading misinformation.

I've had situations with a handful of guests that completely altered the vetting process on the Digital Savage Experience podcast and even caused me to add a disclaimer agreement.  Really a shame when I thought I could trust guests and the information they provide.

Unfortunately I've had people reach out to come on and defame competitors in order to win bids and other sneaky business practices such as this.  Doesn't matter how big their audience is, or what they are willing to pay, I won't compromise my moral standards.

I'm a foster parent to 26 kids since June of 2018.  So when I saw not many shows or people were sharing about foster care from the male perspective, I decided to do it.  Now do people share things that aren't true about foster care and the general public wouldn't know better? Yes, it happens all the time. So it's my job to get the facts to the general public that may not know anything about the subject.

Being responsible when sharing information is largely important for the community at large so that nothing about a subject can be easily swayed.  Especially with everything going in the United States and globally.