Should You Be Harnessing Video As Part of Your Podcasting Efforts?

Should You Be Harnessing Video As Part of Your Podcasting Efforts?

Should You Be Harnessing Video As Part of Your Podcasting Efforts?

Short answer yes. So why.  Some people think because they do a show on YouTube just in video that this is a podcast.  In my opinion, in terms of a standard definition of what a podcast is, it's not. The definition of what is out there and my version of what a podcast is traditionally audio that is distributed and syndicated via RSS which may or may not have a video component with a dedicated place to host the audio either internally or through a dedicated host.  I personally don't think people that say my podcast is on YouTube and that's it that it's a podcast.  In my opinion it's just a vlog format.

Now onto why your podcast should have a video component.  Audio is the only content type that you can truly multitask with.  Like listening to a podcast while you are at work or at the gym working out.  But video still is a dominant content type that gets a ton of engagement.  Video captures attention more fully as it taps multiple senses.  Showing your face also adds an additional trust factor.  It's a great way to brand your show, and make use of marketing channels that accept short and long form video.  

YouTube Exclusively For Podcasters

Moving forward in the future, YouTube will be taking RSS feeds directly which was part of my definition of what defines a podcast.  They will be adding audio ads as well.  With this focus on podcasters, YouTube will be providing new insights in terms of analytics for audio-first creators.  Google has the framework to make this work since YouTube is in it's ecosystem.  The funds exist to acquire any company that ads value to their dedicated focus on podcasters.  These moves by platforms like YouTube show the true potential and power of the podcasting space.  YouTube also opens up a a place for a potential net new audience.

Spotify Video For Podcasts

Spotify made this a selling feature to bring Joe Rogan over as a large segment of listeners preferred to watch the video version on YouTube.  The video feature was only available to about 20 shows when it rolled out.  Now for shows hosted on Anchor, which is owned by Spotify ,you can upload files in MP4 and have this feature on Spotify as well to increase engagement and a new way for followers of your show to consume your content.

Video is The King of Social Audio

Even if you don't plan to have a video version of your podcast, you should at least record it to use to market your show on social media. Every social platform accepts video for the most part.  Creating meaningful clips of your episodes is a great way to build your show's social media following as well as grow your show's overall audience.  Most younger generations spend a large portion of time on social watching video content.  So if that's your audience segment you can reach and impact them.  

Regardless if you add or use video as part of your podcast plan, it always helps to tap any resource you have to potentially grow your podcast audience.