Social Audio What Have You Done For My Podcast Lately?

Social Audio What Have You Done For My Podcast Lately?

So who isn't on a social audio app? Seems like most people are. At this point everyone and their mother is in the space. With Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenhouse, Clubhouse, Fireside, Wisdom, and so many others it seems like not enough time in the day to use all of them.

If you're a podcaster what is this time adding up to for you?  Audience growth, clients, or simply a time suck?  People double down on social audio as if it is the guiding light in the growth of your show.  

Don't get me wrong, you can record with a potential live audience, have live QA potential, as well as many other possible value adds to your show.

But have you abandoned tried and true marketing efforts to chase the pot of potential gold at the end of the social audio rainbow?

As a person being in the digital marketing world going on 14 years, I've seen all the fads, the white hat and black hat efforts, and everything in between.  When you put all your eggs in one basket in never really works to it's max potential.  

Have a holistic strategy, always test, and establish a baseline for the time you're investing on any social audio platform.

Everyone says they are killing it in the social audio space, but where is the data, where are the metrics.

Clubhouse for example, everyone is an expert without being an expert.  

Podcast rooms appear like "Make 6 Figures in the First 12 Months with your Podcast", and other click baity rooms appear all the time and funnel people to common information courses or non value adding coaching packages.  

If you're going on platforms, adding value, and in term people are reward you by becoming listeners, then you my friend have found the magic sauce.

Now figure what the ROI of the activities is.  Time is your most valuable asset.  What has that time given you? Awareness for your show, listeners,  just genuine joy in helping others.  Whatever ever that thing is for you, make sure you're enriching yourself.