Ep #131 Interview With Roland Siebelink CEO, Award-Winning Public Speaker, Business Author, & Growth Coach - Roman Prokopchuk's Digital Savage Experience Podcast

I got to interview Roland Siebelink.

Roland is now heading up his own company advising and coaching founders of tech startup and scale-up companies around the world. Roland Siebelink is a 25+ years veteran of internet business, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. He is author of the book Scaling Silicon Valley Style and is a former landslide winner of the Silicon Valley Founder Showcase (2011). He has lived through three 10-1000 FTE scale-up journeys in a row. Roland's goal is to make sure founders of companies get to stay at the head of their companies for as long as they so desire.

We got to speak about:

  • His journey in the marketing industry to becoming a CEO.
  • Making your startup more robust while keeping an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Moving your goal posts from product-market-fit to product-market-dominance and overcoming valley of death by mastering new competencies at ever stage.
  • What motivates him to succeed.
  • Weaknesses he turned into strengths.
  • Advice he has for the audience.
  • And much more.

You'll gain a whole new outlook on "scaling" the company-beyond just starting it-and a roadmap to do so.

Download a free chapter from his book, Scaling Silicon Valley Style.

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