Ep #169 Overcoming A Toxic Work Environment Interview With Marla Bollak Empowerment Coach and Host of the Road to Empowerment Podcast

I got to interview Marla Bollak.

Marla is an empowerment coach and host of the Road to Empowerment Podcast. Even savvy professionals can find themselves faced with a situation or person who leaves them feeling baffled, not knowing what to do. Marla guides them to find the source of their power. Tune in to hear tips, tools and strategies wrapped up in insightful conversations and inspiring stories of people claiming their power, and the stumbles they take along the way.

We spoke about:

  • 1:01 Toxic work environment and workplace harassment.
  • 4:01 Releasing stored trauma.
  • 6:41 Insights challenges give you.
  • 9:51 Seeing lightbulb moments in other people.
  • 12:51 Everything that happens to you happens for you.

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