Ep #254 Finding Your Path to High Performance Living Interview With Justin Roethlingshoefer and Alyse Gaulin Founders of Own It

I got to interview Justin Roethlingshoefer and Alyse Gaulin.

Justin and Alyse are the founders of Own It.Our story is one many people find themselves in. We were both at the peak of our careers...VP of a luxury fashion company and myself a performance coach in the national hockey league...both asking ourselves if 'this is it'...so we set off to help entrepreneurs and executives maximize their journeys and help OWN It.

We spoke about:

  • 2:00 Applying analytics to performance. 
  • 3:00 Getting fired from dream job on Christmas Eve. 
  • 12:30 World is craving authenticity. 
  • 29:20 Consistency.
  • And much more.

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