Ep #237 The Start Up Founder Journey Interview With Nicholas Hinrichsen and Christopher Coleman Founders of Carlypso and WithClutch

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I got to interview Nicholas Hinrichsen and Christopher Coleman.

Nicholas and Christopher met at Stanford Business School in 2011. They quickly became friends and bonded over their international backgrounds and families.  

After graduating in 2013, the duo started a company called Carlypso aiming to bring used car sales online. In 2017, the founders sold their business to Carvana: with hindsight, they 'started a used car company and sold a software business.'  

After leaving Carvana, the two founders started a digital auto loan refinancing platform called WithClutch.com. The goal is to help Americans improve their credit and lower their monthly payments through a few clicks.

We spoke about:

  • Their journey to now.
  • What motivates them.
  • Weaknesses they turned into strengths.
  • Advice for the audience.
  • And much more.

This episode is sponsored by Nova Zora Digital experts in digital marketing. Check out Real Talk Podcasting for all things podcasting.

Christopher ColemanProfile Photo

Christopher Coleman

Co-Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso

Christopher Coleman Co-Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso.

Nicholas HinrichsenProfile Photo

Nicholas Hinrichsen

Co-Founder of WithClutch and Carlypso

Nicholas Hinrichsen is co-founder of WithClutch and Carlypso.

After being raised in Germany and playing on the German national golf team, Nicholas decided to attend Stanford Business School in 2011 and started Carlypso, an online used car company, after graduating in 2013. Nicholas then raised a total of $10 million dollars, went through the startup accelerator YCombinator and sold his business to Carvana in 2017.

After leaving Carvana, Nicholas and his co-founder Chris Coleman joined forces again to build a digital platform to refinance auto loans, called WithClutch.com. Nic and I had a great talk about the future of financial tech companies and how specifically his new venture can help college students or anyone who had bad credit, is now improving their credit score and help them refinance their auto loans.